Design Once. Merge Many. Deliver.

Process any variety of data, integrated with your central business system, to modify, share, and instantly discuss.

Digital business landscapes and advanced needs of owners and customers create a great need for the next level of document creation and delivery.

The JetTrac DocOrigin gives businesses and teams the power to personalize, print, fax, and maintain web documents.

Gain the full power of document management with capability to do the following:

  • Produce a limitless combination of digital documents
  • Integrate docs with XML data
  • Generate multiple documents at once
  • Generate PDFs at 15,000 pages per minute
  • Extract smaller documents from larger ones

Best of all, our range of business solutions integrate with the most popular lines of software including Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, ABAS, Lawson, and yours!

Do You Want to Replace Adobe Central?

Our business solutions offer the quality of 18 years of ProTechnology experience along with
the people who originally created the Adobe (JetForm) Central products.

Adobe Central Output Server

Load XDP into JetTrac DocOrigin

Open Adobe Designer XDP and Adobe/JetForm IFD files directly and save them as DocOrigin XATW templates.

Convert Adobe Central IFDs

Convert IFD files to Adobe XDP files, which is JetTrac DocOrigin compatible. DocOrigin has a set of conversion tools to facilitate an automated conversion (Takes under a minute!)
Based on the complexity of an original form, touch-up efforts may take a few minutes or a few hours.

Merge Data Files

JetTrac DocOrigin assures proper data merging, recognizing field-nominated formatting, .DAT, or .FNF files. Automatically convert to a well-formatted XML, matching your template.

Migrate More Forms

Evolving business structures and migrating documents is challenging, yet we help manage the integral process. We teach you how to migrate to JetTrac on a template-to-template basis.

Have current and JetTrac DocOrigin running productively at once. After all templates are migrated, you can say goodbye to the old system. If an issue arises during testing, an archived version already exists. Experience no disruption to current processing while fully converting documents.

Send us a popular form and we'll improve upon it beyond belief!


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