Today’s technology provides easy and affordable access to advanced image, document and data capture anywhere you are connected.  If your business is struggling with issues related to automated data capture, workflow processing or data integration with other applications please contact us to determine which solution will provide you with the fastest return on your investment.

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We offer two of the industry’s best capture solutions because not every application has the same requirements.

No capture application is too small or too big.
Simple and complex capture functionality for all sizes.

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capture, process, migrate, manage, archive and destroy.


do what you do best.

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We have your storage options covered with integration to over 60 ECMs and multiple file formats!



High-speed, high-accuracy capture ingests virtually any document.



Extract the data you need, using advanced and powerful automation tools that won’t slow your production down.



Identify documents and forms by type, all in one pass.



Migrate (or publish) to Document Management and ECM Systems through either load files or direct connection.


Advanced Document Capture Software

Intro to PSI:Capture’s Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE)

Organizations use an array of scanning devices and document management applications to meet their needs, which are subject to change over time. PSIcapture is unique in its ability to integrate with any scanning device and route information to more than 60 ECM systems. No matter the size and scope of an organization, whether it has 10 employees in one office or 500 scattered across several locations, PSIcapture will make document processes easy and efficient.

Distributed QA and Indexing Software

PSIfusion provides quality assurance and indexing capability from any compatible internet browser. With a built-in barcode generator and seamless integration with PSIcapture, PSIfusion is the most efficient way to index and validate documents for distributed team environments.

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On-Site or Cloud Capture & Processing

AncoraDocs Invoices and Ancora Enterprise are available as virtualized applications, allowing you to access, capture, and verify information easily, from any location.


Invoice processing software has successfully reduced the cost of processing at large organizations that could afford it. But, what about the rest of us? Now, even small and mid-sized companies with moderate volumes of invoices can enjoy accuracy, cost savings, and work efficiency. With AncoraDocs Invoices, available on-site or in the cloud, you don’t need to set up any applications or forms. You simply scan the invoices, and verify the data. That’s it! Your data will be even more accurate than had you typed it in yourself manually.


AncoraDocs Enterprise is Ancora Software’s new-generation, universal document capture and forms processing system, available on-site or in the cloud. Utilizing what Ancora calls “Document Understanding,” this revolutionary product automatically distinguishes among thousands of document types and formats to allow for the high-speed capture, classification, indexing, recognition, data entry and validation of most any document received by your company. Click the logo above to learn more!


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